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Awesome Colouring Books

These books contain my own drawings, doodles and imaginings, spanning through a range of styles from cute and fun animals, to intricate detailed mandalas.

Each book consists of ten single-sided images printed onto 200gsm paper, which is thick enough to hold pencil, pen, ink and alcohol-based pens such as Sharpies or Copix (be warned, too much ink in one place could cause the paper to start to separate or cause the ink to bleed).

Each page can be removed from the slide-on binder to be worked on (I recommend this with all ink/alcohol pens, with a protective layer under the paper just in case). On completion the image can be framed and placed on display!

I am constantly doodling new additions for new books, so be sure to check in regularly.

I hope you love these books as much as I love creating them.